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CATRASHARP TOOL KIT & USER MANUAL Diamond Power knife Sharpener CATRASHARP Replacement Sharpener Wheels
List Price: £16.20 Inc VAT
: £16.20 Inc VAT
The CATRASHARP Tool Kit and User Manual gives you a ability to clean the inside of your sharpener and change the grinding wheels with ease. The kit consists of:
1 x User Manual
1 x No. 2 Posi-drive Screwdriver
1 x Box Spanner & Tommy Bar
1 x Double Special Hex Spanner for locking the wheels
1 x Safety Glasses
One of the best home sharpeners, producing very sharp knives without skill and without complicated setting up.
Pair of 30 sharpening wheels  with CBN107 abrasive for CATRASHARP knife sharpener
50mm diameter, machine serial number starting U50-. These are our standard grade, for other grades  please contact us for availability.
approximately USD180 or 140
CATRA I 100 Sharpener Replacement Wheels CATRASHARP knife sharpener
Pair of replacement wheels 30 with CBN 126 abrasive for CATRA model I 100 sharpener knife. These are our standard grades, for other grades please contact us for availability
Remember your old wheels can be returned to CATRA for re-coating with abrasive . The re-coating price is currently 271/ pair excluding shipping
One of the best commercial sharpener for butchers, restaurants and small food processors/ factories and is made in the UK. Users very quickly obtain better than knife factory levels of sharpness without any skill or knowledge of sharpening techniques.The machine is robust, corrosion resistant , efficient, cost effective and comes with user manual & tool kit. For details please visit our product page
We will supply the correct voltage ( 110v or 220-240V) and power plug based on your chosen delivery destination. Add to cart to get discount price.