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CATRA Hobbigoni blade edge protractor Portable Laser Goniometer Mk2 HP (Focused)
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A lightweight, easy to use , hand held laser goniometer / protractor to measure the included sharpened angle(s) of all types of knife blades.
  • Lightweight & portable though still robust for workshop use.
  • Comfortable in the hand and easy to use & read having an accuracy 1
  • Magnetic Flat and tapered location for both flat & tapered blade sections
  • Has a 1mW FOCUSED Class 2 red laser giving higher intensity readings of edges than the 1mw unfocused version, useful in bright, daylight conditions
  • Battery powered for use anywhere, (eg: factory floor or point of sale), using 1 x 9v PP3 battery
  • Single bevel and double edge components accommodated equally well
  • Small compact design (only 195 x 110 x 45mm) for blades up to 44mm wide
  • Reads angles of multifaceted edges and extent of edge polishing or honing
The device operates by reflecting a low powered laser beam from the facets of a cutting edge. The unit, incorporating a circular scale of 90mm diameter, is suitable for obtaining a rapid determination of the edge angle in situations where a mains supply laboratory goniometer is not available or impractical to use. Its lightweight and compact size makes it ideal for carrying around in various field locations as well as roving inspections in a factory environment. It comes complete with a comprehensive instruction manual, carry case and battery.

goniometer can be used to knives and other types of edged components, including:
Knife Blades; Razor Blades; Machine Knives; Scissors/Shears: Craft Blades; Folding & Sporting Knives

Specially modified versions are available to order for large width blades.