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CATRASHARP Wheel Replacement Kit Diamond Power knife Sharpener CATRASHARP Replacement Sharpener Wheels
A tool-kit with manual & goggles for cleaning & replacing the inside of a CATRASHARP sharpener with ease. One of the best home sharpeners, producing very sharp knives without skill and without complicated setting up.
Replacement sharpening wheels with CBN 107 as standard abrasive for the CATRASHARP Knife Sharpener.
I-100 Sharpener Wheels CATRASHARP knife sharpener
I-100 Sharpener Wheels
: £605.00 Exc VAT
Replacement sharpening wheels with CBN 126 as standard abrasive for the I100 Knife Sharpener. One of the best commercial sharpeners for butchers, restaurants and small food processors / factories and is made in the UK. Users very quickly obtain better than knife factory levels of sharpness without any skill or knowledge of sharpening techniques.